Glenn Grady,
President and CEO.
 Company Overview
 Cimarron Express is a contract truckload
 carrier authorized to transport general
 commodities between points in the 48
 contiguous states and Ontario, Canada. Our  operational region includes all locations  east  of the Mississippi, Missouri and Iowa.
We also offer service between Ontario, Canada and these U.S. Points. Our mission is to provide consistently high levels of transportation services, performed in a courteous manner, competitively priced to provide adequate return on assets and career opportunities for our personnel.
 Mission Statement
 We are committed to continuous
 improvements that establish and maintain
 quality products and services in an excellent
 work environment that meets the
 expectations of customers, employees and
 independent contractors through planning,
 evaluating, and implementing changes which
 focus on consistency, dependability, and
 Why Cimarron Express?
 At Cimarron Express Inc
 we can help accelerate
 your business. We are
 driven to provide
 consistent and exceptional
 service, tailored to your